Property Investment Opportunities

Unlocking the potential of Property Investment

In the world of investments, maximising returns is the ultimate goal. At A&K Property Solutions, we aim to provide exceptional opportunities to invest with us and make excellent returns on your money

We tailor an investment strategy to your requirements, by consulting you at every step of the process, keeping abrest of property market trends and by maintaining regular contact with you.

Green house surrounded by money
Green house surrounded by money


Exeter terraced properties in a green theme
Exeter terraced properties in a green theme


Why invest with A & K Property Solutions?

Our success lies in offering great returns for our investors. We understand that security and profitability are paramount in your investment journey, and we are committed to delivering both.

2. Tailored Investment Strategies

We offer a range of investments strategies, with as much involvement as you like. That can be completely hands-off, or completely hands on. We work with you to identify what would work best for your situation.

A block of green terraced properties
A block of green terraced properties

1. Great Returns

3. Local Expertise

As a local property investment company situated in Exeter, we possess a deep understanding of the Exeter property market. Our local insights enable us to identify and secure opportunities that might be hidden from a broader audience.

4. A Personalised Approach

We believe in a customised approach to property investment. Your unique needs and objectives guide our investment strategy, ensuring our investments align with your financial goals.

5. Transparent Communication

Honest and open communication is at the heart of our investor relationships. We keep you informed throughout your entire investment journey. Ensuring you feel comfortable with your investment and have trust in A&K Property Solutions to deliver you great returns.

6. Why Property Investment

At A&K Property Solutions, we recognize property investment as a safe and proven vehicle for wealth accumulation. Our analysis of sold property data in Exeter reveals that over the past two decades, the average sold price has increased by a remarkable 156%, exemplifying the potential for property values to double over a 20-year span.

However, it's essential to consider the effects of inflation, which can significantly erode purchasing power. From 2003 to 2021, inflation averaged around 3% annually, and more recently surged to about 11% in 2022. In light of these factors, we emphasize not just on capital appreciation—which offers no guarantees for future increases—but on the actual cash flow from investments.

At A&K, our focus is on ensuring that the net cash flow and cash on cash returns from property investments substantially exceed the rate of inflation, securing real, inflation-adjusted returns on your investments.

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